An evolution theory linking matter, life and artificial intelligence

Darwin's ideas have linked the evolution theory to organisms, heritable information, reproduction and survival of the fittest. This has separated evolution in biology from evolution in physics. Assuming that the quintessense of evolution is the repetition of diversification and selection, the operator theory suggests that evolution is applicable to particles and organisms alike. The result is a single, unified evolution theory.

Summary - The theory in this site focuses on an evolution ladder for both particles and organisms. This ladder runs from quarks to plants and animals. To address particles and organisms in a generic way, the word 'operator' is used in this website. The ladder is called the 'operator hierarchy'.

Context - Evolutionary system science has profited from major contribution by Von Bertalanffy, Eigen, Varela, Teilhard de Chardin, Kauffman, Laslo, Kurzweil, Heijlighen and others. I present a selection of their ideas in the context of a general particle hierarchy.

A refutable hypothesis - A good hypothesis is refutable. As will be explained, the operator hypothesis is open to falsification.

Background - The idea for the operator hierarchy came from stress-ecology.

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