Predicting the future of evolution

Predicting is difficult, especially of the future. Yet there is a good chance that the strictness of the operator hierarchy offers a rationale for extrapolation and therewith for predicting future steps in the evolution of system types.

Two robust predictions - Major transitions form a basic aspect of the operator hierarchy. Therefore they can be used as the starting point for two robust predictions.

The hardwired memon - It is unlikely that hardwired memons reach a multistage.

Memons showing structural copying of information properties - Structural copying of information is only possible if a memon has access to its brain structure. For this reason the operator hierarchy predicts the necessity of technical intelligence.

Memons showing hypercycle mediating interface properties - The hypercycle mediating interface closure type occurred also in atoms and eukaryote cells. Possible ways of how this property may take shape in future memons are discussed.

From the hardwired memon via hypercycle mediating interface without structural copying of information properties to the multistage - A most unlikely pathway.

Summary - A short review of the conclusions of the above sections on predicting future memons.